Image Copyright: © Linda O Keeffe

Sounds Like Her

In October this year the Sounds Like Her show, curated by Christine Eyene, was launched at the New Art Exchange Gallery in Nottingham. Linda O Keeffe was one of the commissioned artists in this show which was looking to “broaden existing approaches to sound art, and contest Eurocentric and patriarchal frameworks to sound art” (Eyene 2017). Linda's work, a four wall drawing and sound installation piece, see pics, explored the impact of renewable technologies on the social and natural soundscape.

Each wall drawing is both sound map and graphic score based on four different spaces Linda explored over the past 4 years, Beijing, China, Walney in Barrow, UK, The Terra Alta Region in Spain and Iceland. The sound work, a 5 .0 piece was spatialised by myself. It projects an overall soundscape from the central position, while looking at each graphic score presents its own audio image related to each geographical area.