Image Copyright: © Ashley James Brown

FON Performance

Following on from the Ringmind Project, both myself and artist Ashley James Brown created an experimental off-shoot from the academic structure of the HKW Berlin event. We were delighted to be invited to showcase our work at the Full of Noise event. This was again a unique performance in that the visuals and audio were live-coded using Processing and Supercollider to express more abstract visuals and sound design. On this occasion we also had more time to have the visuals and audio more tightly integrated with the OSC communication between both applications. In addition, we had an opportunity to discuss our working processes with a number of the event attendees who asked to talk with us after our performance.

While we are in the process of releasing an application that demonstrates the work, we also intend to showcase the work in future live performances. The performance aspect of this project is evolving with each opportunity to work in different acoustic spaces and with various event themes. We are eager to continue the process of artistic discovery in future performances.

We would like to thank Andrew Deakin and Glenn Boulter for including us in their fantastic event!

To get a sense of the FON Full of Noise Festival you can visit this link.